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If you are a horsepower junky and you need a fix, look no further. Whether you have a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle in your driveway, DiabloSports inTune i3 Performance Programmer delivers proven performance without even popping the hood! You get a performance tuning upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, improves fuel economy potential, and increases horsepower & torque! The inTune i3 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your ride. We understand that there are an increasing number of counties and states that are requiring emissions testing. Weve developed the i3 to include 50-State legal tuning covered by a CARB Executive Order number. Now there is no need to fear your emissions testing center as you can pass those tests while tuned with 50-State legal DiabloSport tuners. Multiple Vehicle Licenses The inTune i3 can tune your whole driveway! With the i3s additional vehicle license options, you can tune multiple vehicles with one device. If your i3 is currently married to your Chevrolet Camaro, but you also want to tune your Silverado, upgrade your i3 with an additional license through our Ignition Update Software and you can be tuning both vehicles in no time. The additional i3 licenses can program any make or model that the i3 supports.

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