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Autospecialty Calipers by PowerStop (Sold Individually) bolt directly in place of the stock calipers. Autospecialty brake calipers and the brackets are remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility. Autospecialty calipers are 100% pressure tested to verify piston operation and prevent any possible leaks from occurring. This ensures that every caliper is inspected for quality and safety. These calipers are expertly assembled using new seals, caliper guide pins, dust boots, bleeder screws, stainless steel brake pad abutment clips and mounting brackets. High temperature EPDM rubber dust boots and premium silicone lubricant is used for a smoother operation and an extended life in extreme conditions. Autospecialty by PowerStop Stock Replacement Brake Calipers are perfect for the budget conscious consumer looking for complete stock replacement brake calipers!

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