6 May 2024
Is It Cheaper to Purchase Wheels and Tires Together?

Opting for a new set of tires often leads one to consider acquiring a new set of wheels simultaneously. At Parts Matrix, we've observed several advantages to this approach that extend beyond mere aesthetics. Primarily, bundling wheels and tires can lead to significant savings, thanks to the discounts offered on combo purchases. This strategy not only benefits your wallet but also simplifies the maintenance process.

One practical advantage of having an extra set of wheels is the ease of seasonal tire changes. For example, transitioning between summer and winter tires becomes a straightforward task of swapping wheels rather than the cumbersome process of remounting tires on the same wheels. This convenience extends to off-road enthusiasts who prefer a rugged set of wheels to match their durable off-road tires, eliminating concerns about damaging the original factory wheels.

Furthermore, purchasing wheels and tires as a package ensures compatibility, reducing the risk of mismatched tire and wheel sizes— a common error that can lead to tires failing to fit on existing wheels due to discrepancies in radius, width, and tire profile, which must be considered to ensure proper fitment within the wheel arches.

Key Considerations When Upgrading Tires

Before upgrading, it's crucial to ensure that the new tires will fit your current wheels and vehicle setup. This includes matching the diameter, width, and tire profile to your rims and wheel arches. For off-road enthusiasts seeking increased ground clearance, opting for larger tires is a viable option, with each inch in tire diameter potentially raising the vehicle by half an inch.

Off-road tires are designed with aggressive tread patterns and larger tread blocks, enhancing traction in challenging environments like mud, snow, or sand. Their flexible nature allows for better surface contact, providing an enhanced off-roading experience.

Enhancements Offered by Lift Kit Packages

Lift kits, varying in complexity and price, present an opportunity to further customize your vehicle’s performance and appearance. Basic lift kits may include strut spacers and rear lift blocks for a subtle elevation, while more comprehensive kits offer shocks, springs, and additional components, potentially increasing ground clearance by up to six inches.

Upgrading to a lift kit expands your options for rim and tire sizes due to the increased clearance, allowing for the integration of oversized wheels into your vehicle’s design. However, a test fit is advisable to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

At Parts Matrix, we understand the intricacies of selecting the perfect combination of wheels, tires, and lift kits for your vehicle. Whether you're aiming for aesthetic upgrades or boosting your off-road capability, our experts are here to guide you through the options, ensuring your investment enhances both the look and functionality of your ride.

Optimal Off-Roading Rim Choices

When it comes to the construction of off-road rims, aluminum options stand out due to their lightweight nature, strength, and excellent resistance to corrosion. However, considering the harsh conditions of off-roading where rims are highly susceptible to damage, many enthusiasts lean towards steel wheels. Despite being heavier, steel wheels are not only more cost-effective than their aluminum counterparts but also simpler to repair, making them a practical choice for rigorous off-road activities.

For those engaged in extreme rock crawling, beadlock wheels offer an indispensable solution. Beadlocks involve a mechanical device that secures the tire directly to the rim. This is achieved through a beadlock ring that fastens around the exterior of the rim, preventing the tire from rotating separately from the wheel or becoming detached and deflating, particularly under the stress of very low tire pressures.

Parts Matrix is your one-stop destination for all off-road modifications, including lift kits and wheel plus tire combos. Our selection encompasses top-quality, dependable products sourced from leading brands in the off-roading world, ensuring you have access to the best equipment for your adventures.